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Software modernization

Take a technological leap to surpass your goals

Keep up with customer and business demand in this era of rapid digitalization. We are your partners in strategy and execution of your vision.

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What can we help you with

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    Solution re-architecture
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    Component modernization
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applifting team
Applifting case study Leveris
Applifting case study Leveris

Applifters were extremely proactive and communicative throughout the process and I cannot imagine how they could have done anything better.

Petr Klimeš
Petr Klimeš
LEVERIS IT Project Manager
What we offer

Process automation

Automatize your processes via CI/CD to significantly cut down maintenance costs.


Bugs reduction

Reduce the number of bugs shipped to production.


Delivery acceleration

Roll out new features faster with modern processes and less team management.


Product scaling

Open your product to any number of users. Ensure it scales with them.


Developer experience

Create a solution that offers enjoyable DX, and attracts top-tier specialists.


Architecture modernization

Enable your dev team to grow without losing work efficiency.


Manage technical debt

Balance quality and speed and eliminate your technical debt.


No vendor lock-in

We give you all the know-how to promote your independence.

Applifting case study Jablotron
Applifting case study Jablotron

Applifting technical proficiency in combination with openness in the team brought new technologies directly to all of the team members.

Ladislav Novák
Ladislav Novák
Jablotron CTO

Our approach

Software modernization approach Applifting
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    Diving in
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    Shaping the vision
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    Value delivery
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    Scaling the success

How we work

Applifting consultations


We have the experience and knowledge to validate project direction and solution architecture and choose the right technologies for you. We align our solution with your business vision.

team leasing

Team leasing

Do you lack resources? Our team of skilled senior people experienced with working in an agile environment will help you execute your vision. We work transparently and bill per second.

hybrid teams

Hybrid teams

Working together in hybrid teams ensures no vendor lock-in and efficient know-how sharing. It takes your team to the next level. You are in touch directly with our experts, not sales or managers.