By Lucie Sáblíková | 18.4.2023

Brand Rewind 2022

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When I started collecting insights for our 2022 Applifting rewind article, I got quite a few interesting takes from our marketing team. The original piece only had so much space for every topic and department, so I’ve decided to write up a few words to summarize the year from the point of view of the team and the brand in general.

But first, let’s start with a bit of history. When I joined Applifting in May 2020, there were three of us altogether: a copywriter (me), a marketer, and a graphic designer. We mostly focused on writing the blog, creating case studies, and managing social media. Three years down the line, and there are now three times as many of us—two copywriters, two graphic designers, two marketers, an HR marketer, a video production specialist, and a social media specialist. We’ve expanded our expertise to include inbound and HR marketing, lead generation, video production, ebooks, landing pages, PR, podcasts, and other marketing activities. And it was last year in particular that brought us a slew of interesting projects and successes. Together, we’ve picked out three of them to tell you a bit more about as they were the ones that made us happiest.

Fénix content marketing awards

Receiving an award was undoubtedly one of the most important milestones of the last year. It was thanks to our first ebook Life and Death of Ideas—which explains the importance of validation in the product development process—that we reaped success in the category of best corporate content distribution. The victory is all the more valuable to us since we put the whole ebook together on our own. Interestingly enough, we originally applied for a different category, which wasn’t even announced in the end, and the organizers liked our ebook so much that they bumped us to one of the main categories.

Professional brand video

Another highlight for us in the past year was the shooting of a brand video. Although we had produced videos before, mainly for HR purposes, this was a big step forward for us. We enlisted the help of professionals from Fameplay (formerly known as MALL.TV), who assisted us with filming, directing, and editing. We also outsourced the animations used in the video as well as the post-production, but we still had full control over the concept and script. We were absolutely thrilled with the result, take a look.

Successful recruitment campaign

In the spring, we closed the largest deal in the history of Applifting, as we mentioned in the 2022 wrap-up article. It immediately presented us with a big challenge: hiring a large number of developers in a very short period of time. Without delay, our marketing team started devising a comprehensive recruitment campaign, and before long, we had the text and graphics for ads and landing pages ready. The campaign ran from mid-July to mid-September on social media, and for the first time, we also made use of subway ads here in Prague. The central message we wanted to convey was that it is possible to save human lives even from behind a computer; our new hires were to participate in projects promising to improve Canadian healthcare. The subway advertising in particular was a great success, and besides the positive feedback, we were pleased to see the campaign fulfill its purpose and help us hire the required number of Applifters.

We continue to spread the good name of Applifting this year as well, and I am looking forward to new marketing challenges coming our way.

Do you like Applifting? Join us! While there aren’t currently any open positions in the marketing team, we are always looking for colleagues in other departments. You can find more information on our careers page.

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