By Lucie Sáblíková | 20.8.2020

Competency model: When you know how to grow

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Level Up - Competency model - Applifting

How do you evaluate the skills of people in your company? In Applifting, we have a sophisticated system of competency models.

These define the abilities and skills that an Applifter should master in their position. They also determine what should be improved and what else is needed for professional growth. We have a total of five standard levels. They differ in their demands and they not only express the experience and knowledge but also determine the salary. All Applifters know these numbers because transparent wages go hand in hand with the competency model.

Position levels in Applifting

  • Trainee: Is a beginner but knows the field, is talented and is keen to learn.
  • Junior: Saves their team more time than their colleagues invest in them.
  • Medior: Can work independently on an assigned project. Is able to solve tasks in their technology.
  • Senior: Is able to create and lead a new project, divide tasks and decide on fundamental changes.
  • Guru: Only when an Applifter is considered to be a capacity in their field by the others can they become a Guru. This is the highest position in Applifting and it extends into business.

Mentoring program

Mentoring and remuneration are also closely related to the competency models. Each Applifter has one or more mentors to help them with personal development. This does not just extend to technical knowledge; it is possible to improve in any area, including the so-called soft Brave new Applifter and his almighty mentor on their quest to gain new skills together.skills.

Brave new Applifter and his almighty mentor on their quest to gain new skills together.

We choose our mentors from among Applifters but from time to time we also use external experts. That usually happens when there are only a few people dedicated to the area and they are all busy already. Mentor check meetings typically take place at least once a month; in case of a mutual agreement even more often.

Professional growth

The decision regarding a promotion and the salary increase involved is taken by the mentor and the team leader. The latter evaluates overall performance, teamwork, self-sufficiency and quality of work. The mentor assesses whether or not the points of the competency model have been met. These, of course, differ for individual positions. In general, however, the greater the seniority, the greater the emphasis on independence, responsibility, professionalism and proactivity.

Thanks to the competency model, everyone knows exactly what to focus on and what to work on, so that they can constantly improve, move to a higher position and get a bigger salary.

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