By Lucie Sáblíková | 21.10.2020

Free company in practice

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How do you imagine freedom at work?

What comes to your mind when you hear the term “free company”? No rules, chaos, a place where everyone does what they want? Nothing could be further from the truth; at least in Applifting. Wondering how we work?

How do you imagine freedom at work?

Freedom hand in hand with responsibility

You may know it too; sometimes it’s easy to work, at other times it’s a bit of a hassle. But if you could take a break for an hour, go for a walk, get coffee in a corner café or go home to work, it would help you a lot. Is this possible in your company? In Applifting, it is!

We know that different people prefer different workplaces or times beyond the traditional 9–5 schedule. We therefore allow Applifters to work whenever and wherever they want, unless they have some appointments. The condition is, of course, the ability to meet obligations towards clients, self-discipline and a high degree of responsibility.

Company culture

People are just one part of a free company. A flat structure without managers and a corporate culture everyone is in line with represent other parts. That is something we pay attention to when choosing new colleagues. To be able to work this way, we cannot do without mutual tolerance, listening and solving problems together.

We prefer to solve problems together. So that everyone is happy with the result.

Satisfaction for everyone

The fact that we profess the principles of a free company does not mean that we are dawdling. On the contrary; this freedom requires a higher level of organization and self-discipline, and therefore may not suit everyone. As a result, it brings benefits to everyone — to employees, the company and to its clients. When people are satisfied and have the opportunity for work-life balance, they enjoy going to work. This is reflected in their results. Freedom in Applifting is thus an added value for our partners.

What is the standard practice in your company, are you the master of your own time? Would you like to get something similar going? Connect with us by phone, via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter. We will be happy to share our experience with you, discuss everything and advise you on how to get started.

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