By Lucie Sáblíková | 5.2.2021

New business: Everyone has the right to speak their mind

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ethic channel - everyone has the right to speak their mind

How do you decide on starting a new project in your company? In Applifting, we do it publicly and together. We want to participate in those projects that make sense to us from an ethical standpoint, which is why everyone’s opinion is important to us, even if it means not going through with the job.

How does it work?

Everyone who comes up with a potential business must summarize it in a few points and present it in a written form. This applies to anyone, including Applifting's owners. We all then have the opportunity to comment on it, support the project or reject it.

It is essential for us that the client and the desired product comply with our ethical principles and are in line with our mission and vision. What exactly does that mean?

  • The app is meaningful and helps someone to have a better life 
  • It must be a good fit for our people. The project must spark joy for Applifters 
  • The app is ethical 
  • There is a valid business case 
  • The app will move the customer closer to their goal 
  • There must be a clear value added for the end user
  • Clear data usage policy

ethic channel votes

If there is one or more dissenting opinions, we will sit down with these colleagues and discuss their comments face to face. Sometimes it is just a misunderstanding, or some details need to be clarified. If so much as one Applifter is categorically opposed, however, we give up on the project.

Do you have a similar opportunity in your company to comment on future projects or otherwise influence your business strategy?

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