Creating a baseline for
UK-based fintech startup

Braid - Applifting case study

Braid is a promising financial startup for smart money management. It allows users to consolidate money assets in one place, manage them easily, and keep their finances under control. We got in touch with Braid during their early pre-seed stage. They were looking for a reliable partner to help with the creation of a baseline, staffing, and final handover of know-how.

Skills deployed

Open Banking


UX/UI Design

Solution architecture

BE Development in Kotlin

Mobile Development in Flutter

DevOps & QA

Hybrid team, 3-4 people

Mission: Creating core of the platform

Braid asked us to help them with creating the core

of a smart and highly secure platform which aggregates Open Banking data into one mobile app and helps people optimize their finances. Additionally, the goal was to enable users to verify their digital identity in a streamlined way.

Braid case study - Applifting

Challenge: High security requierements

We had to be compliant with Open Banking regulations.

This concept enables secure sharing of financial information and operates under the PSD2 directive. From the very beginning, we had to keep in mind the regulatory and security requirements.

Braid case study - Applifting

Solution: Hybrid team, Prototype, Architecture

Cooperation took the form of a hybrid team.

We created the MVP prototype in Figma. We helped to design the high-level architecture of the entire system and to finalize the staffing and roadmap with reasonable and realistic goals and milestones. Within two months, we also built the infrastructure, CI/CD process, and the core of the BE and mobile app.

Braid case study - Applifting