Frontend Crew Talk: Modern tools and approaches in FE development

Frontend Crew Talk: Modern tools and approaches in FE development



4 hours of talks and networking

Applifting Meetup Space & Online


Jakub Havelka

React developer at Iguana Technology

Vojta Ešner

Tech lead at Digitoo

Lukáš Knápek

Tech lead at Applifting

Spring is finally here, and so are we with our fourth Crew Talk of the year!

Join us on April 25 as we take a closer look at the state of the art in frontend development: are microfrontends something to keep an eye on? What is all the rage with Next.js 13, and is it at all justified? And who would take the glory in the battle of Gatsby versus Next.js? Book your spot and come find out.

You can look forward to presentations by Lukáš Knápek, frontend tech lead at Applifting, Jakub Havelka, React developer at Iguana Technology, and Vojtěch Ešner, tech lead at Digitoo.

  • Lukáš will walk you through the concept of microfrontends, shedding some light on its benefits and limitations, the actual process of building microfrontend apps, and whether and how this pattern can be used for smaller projects.
  • Jakub will explore the new features of Next.js 13, what’s changed and what’s stayed the same, and how you can upgrade your current Next.js stack. At the same time, he will cover the very basics of the framework for those haven’t yet had the opportunity to give it a try.
  • Vojtěch will put Gatsby and Next.js side by side: how do they fare against each other? While the former boasts a robust system for generating static content, the latter remains the go-to choice for developers seeking to build top-of-the-line apps. 

The program starts at 18:00, but the space will be open for you from 17:30. The panel discussion and the online stream are scheduled to end at 19:30, but stick around to talk, grab some food, and do some networking. 

You can look forward to a themed quiz and win cool Applifting prizes.

Come and chat, get to know each other, and see how we think about things at Applifting!


5:30 PM - Door opens, snacks and drinks 🍻

6:00 PM - Microfrontends: What Are They And Why Should You Care?

You might have heard about microfrontends before. Big companies use them, yet there is little info about how to build an actual MFE app more sophisticated than a basic “hello world” example. Join us to learn more about this recent pattern - can it be used even for smaller projects? And what are its benefits and limitations?

6:30 PM - Next.js 13 - What’s the hype all about ?

I will tell you about what’s changing or staying with Next.js 13, or more what the app directory brings, and how we leverage it at Iguana. I am going to cover all the basics for anyone who has never heard about app directory or even Next.js, so don’t worry if you haven’t worked with Next.js yet. We will go through topics like the new routing model, static vs dynamic rendering, server components, layouts, caching, styling, and much more and I will show you the process of upgrading your current Next.js stack.

7:00 PM - Gatsby vs Next: Clash of titans?

Let’s take a look at two players on the React Framework field. In the left corner we have Gatsby.js, a newcomer to SSR with a robust system for generating static content, and in the right corner there is Next.js, a veteran in SSR and the go to choice for developers building top of the line apps. Let’s take a look at this match and see who will take the glory!

8:00 PM - Networking, and even more snacks and drinks

10:00 PM - Moving to the pub 🍻

We look forward to seeing you!


Applifting s.r.o. - Meetup Space, Rohanské nábřeží 670/19, Praha 8

How to reach us? Use the inner side entrance, located in the passage between the River Garden A and River Garden B buildings, behind the corner from the iOpravna shop. The door will be open, we'll be expecting you.