Python Crew Talk: The Future of AI Agents

Python Crew Talk: The Future of AI Agents



4 hours of talks and networking

Applifting Meetup Space & Online


Elnaz Babayeva

Senior Machine Learning Researcher at Creative Dock

Vráťa Kalenda

CEO & Co-Founder at Applifting

Another Crew Talk is just around the corner!

Join us on May 23 as we delve into the world of artificial intelligence in software engineering.

The game of AI is in a state of rapid transformation, with new breakthroughs happening in the blink of an eye. Are we ready for a fully autonomous AI world? And how can LangChain be used to build autonomous agents using GPT in Python? Take a closer look at these hot topics and stay up to date with this ever-evolving landscape.

And who can you look forward to?

The first presentation will be given by our CEO and co-founder Vratislav Kalenda, followed by Elnaz Babayeva, senior machine learning researcher at Creative Dock.

  • Vráťa will guide you through LangChain’s role in bringing AI from research labs to software engineering. Discover how Python developers can build autonomous AI agents with long-term memory that can perform complex real-world tasks.
  • Eli will open the topic of practicality of AI agents, focusing specifically on LangChain and its advantages, limitations, and potential for future products - is AI just a toy or has it advanced to the level of being ready for production?

The program starts at 18:00, but the space will be open for you from 17:30. Presentations and the online stream are scheduled to end at 20:00, but stick around to talk, grab some food, and do some networking. 

You can also look forward to a themed quiz and win cool Applifting prizes!

Come and chat, get to know each other, and see how we think about things at Applifting!

We look forward to seeing you!


5:30 PM - Door opens, snacks and drinks 🍻

6:00 PM - LangChain: autonomous agents using gpt in Python

The AI game is moving from the lab to software engineering. Autonomous AI agents can now be built by any pythonist thanks to the LangChain library. In a talk by our founder Vráťa, the founder will show us how to use this library to create an autonomous agent that has a long term memory, can use tools such as a search engine and can perform complex tasks in the real world.

7:00 PM - AI agents down to earth: are they just a toy or ready for production?

Are we ready to full autonomous AI world? (Spoiler: no) In this talk, we will look into API Langchain Agent and discuss it is advantages, limitations and the future of the agents for the products.

8:00 PM - Networking, and even more snacks and drinks

10:00 PM - Moving to the pub 🍻

We look forward to seeing you!


Applifting s.r.o. - Meetup Space, Rohanské nábřeží 670/19, Praha 8

How to reach us? Use the inner side entrance, located in the passage between the River Garden A and River Garden B buildings, behind the corner from the iOpravna shop. The door will be open, we'll be expecting you.