Turn an idea into reality: How to create successful digital products

Turn an idea into reality: How to create successful digital products



40 minutes

Online event

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Martin Srb

Managing Partner & Head of mobile development, Applifting

Jan Hauser

CEO UK, Applifting

The journey from an initial idea to its implementation is long and challenging but not impossible. At Applifting, we know that because helping founders and innovators bring their idea into life is part of our job. That's why we have a deep insight into the biggest struggles on the path from an idea to the market breakthrough.

"This webinar will shed light on the most common myths and mistakes which are so obvious if you stand out but so difficult to avoid if you are part of the innovation process."

Join our webinar on Thursday 11th February at 12pm GMT / 1pm CET. You’ll discover why you should not be afraid to fail and why shortcuts aren't the best option to achieve your goals. Martin Srb from Applifting will be your guide through this topic.

You will hear about:

  • How myths about failures and success undermines the innovation effort.
  • Why it's so crucial to solve the right problem.
  • The importance of experiments and validated learning for innovation.
  • How to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and how avoid “right first time” thinking.
  • Pivoting and scaling.

And there will also be time for your questions!

Our Expert, Martin Srb

Martin is an experienced product owner, solution architect and a certified Scrum Master. He looks after Applifiting clients, guiding them through the project process, to help them to design the optimal solution and build a fantastic team.